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News | Oct 19 2018

Osborne Group to Sell Ham, Wine and Spirits via Tmall in China

The company will be able to reach millions of Chinese consumers by using this robust, popular platform


Osborne Group, the centuries-old Spanish company known for its premium Ibérico pork products, wine and spirits, is reaching out to Chinese customers in a new way. The company, which is one of the oldest family-run businesses in the world, has joined Tmall, an online marketplace for shoppers in China.

Operated by Alibaba, Tmall is often incorrectly described as Chinese Amazon, but it’s more than that. Tmall is a virtual shopping mall which allows brands to “create a more customizable experience for their customers within their own storefronts” and only features products that are in demand from brands that are trusted among consumers.

Osborne Group now has an operational Tmall store to sell its Cinco Jotas 5J Ibérico ham, which is considered a delicacy around the world and is one of Spain’s most representative products. It has plans to open another, smaller Tmall store to offer its wines and spirits, such as Solaz Castilla wine, Carlos I Sherry brandy and Montecillo Rioja wine. Its products will now be available to over 570 million shoppers.

Said a representative from Osborne, “A very recognizable brand and icon in Western markets, Osborne and its wines and spirits brands face the challenge of reaching the Chinese consumer to share our history and values.

Tmall represents the best possible platform to accomplish this aim, providing the market place in which our brands can communicate directly with consumers the passion we feel for our products,” according to Alizilia.com.

Osborne Group to Sell Ham, Wine and Spirits via Tmall in China

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