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News | Mar 06 2020

Ramón Bilbao Winery Exceeds its Ambitious Sustainability Goals

The company has committed to improving energy efficiency and water management and reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions

Ramón Bilbao winery

Some Spanish companies, like winemaker Ramón Bilbao, are wholeheartedly dedicated to sustainability. This company, based in La Rioja, had impressive news to share recently: it exceeded its targets on sustainability in its vineyards and at its winery. The company’s main and ambitious goal is to reduce its impact by improving energy efficiency and water management while reducing its waste and greenhouse gas emissions, all by 20% between 2016 and 2020.

The company has already received certification from the organization Wineries for Climate Protection, which comprises 24 member/producers. Audits reflect great progress: Ramón Bilbao has successfully reduced greenhouse gases by 23% and waste by 91%, and their energy efficiency complied with 62% of the target at the end of the second year, according to

Says the head of sustainability at the company, “We have intelligent irrigation in the vineyards to control the water-stress of each vine, which helps avoid waste, but inside the winery is the biggest obstacle. It’s vital to have clean facilities… but now we are working out how to measure and replace some of our winery practices and investing in more efficient tools so we are becoming more responsible.”


Ramón Bilbao winery

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