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News | Mar 01 2018

2017, A Year in Review for Spanish Wine Exports

Spanish wine exports rose by nearly 8.9% in 2017, reaching sales of over three billion euros.


According to data released this week by the Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino (OeMv) about the Spanish wine industry, sales of Spanish wine (including grape juice and vinegar) in foreign markets did extremely well in 2017, thanks in particular to significant growth in China, Canada, Lithuania and Italy. Additionally, sales of bottled wines – including cava and other sparkling wines – increased, pointing to good times ahead for quality Spanish wine exports.

Spain exported a total of 22.8 million hectoliters of wine last year, or the equivalent of 253 million cases. Not a few of these exported bottles were of Spanish Cava (representing 81% of all Spanish sparkling wine exports), which grew its international sales by some 88 million euros in 2017, reaching total sales of 1.7 billion euros.

Sales to Italy were particularly exciting, up by 34%; while China and Lithuania increased their imports of Spanish wines by 25.6% and 36.4% respectively. North America also demanded its share of wines from Spain, with 4.8% growth in terms of sales and 10.5% in volume to the United States, while Canada boasted a spectacular 22.8% increase in sales and a 45.9% increase in volume. Mexico followed this rising trend, with a 7% increase in sales and 23% in volume.

Overall, the OeMv highlights the fact that Spain is exporting bottles of consistently higher value to markets that are diversifying, thanks in large part to intense sales efforts carried out by Spanish wineries.

Spain exported a total of 22.8 million hectoliters of wine last year, or the equivalent of 253 million cases.

Adrienne Smith/@ICEX
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