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News | Jul 30 2019

Unique Marketing Initiative Promotes Rueda Wines in the UK

Sales of Verdejo wines from Rueda are up 40%, and this marketing plan seeks to continue to raise the profile of this popular wine among UK consumers

Rueda wines. Photo by: DO Rueda.

Rueda wines will be many lips this fall thanks to a clever marketing initiative called #TasteRueda. This sales promotion is aimed at retailers in the UK, and the goal is to increase awareness and boost sales of Verdejo wines from Rueda.

Stores that take part will get promotional point-of-sale packs with exclusive materials, such as corkscrews, an ice bucket, a branded apron, maps, posters and neck tags. There’s even an exciting incentive for the store that does the best job: they will win a trip to Rueda to learn all about the region and its wines.

DO Rueda’s head of export, promotion and marketing is quoted in thedrinksbusiness.com as saying, “We believe that by helping retailers to educate about Rueda and encourage customers to try the wines in store, we can help to sustain growth and build a viable position for Rueda wines on UK shelves.” The initiative will run from September 16th to the 29th. The UK is an important market for Verdejo wine producers in Rueda, as sales of this product have increased by 40%.

Rueda wines. Photo by: DO Rueda.

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