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News | Sep 20 2019

Cheese From Spain in the Spotlight at Cheese 2019 in Bra, Italy

Cheese from the Camino de Santiago, cheese and biodiversity, and centuries-old traditionally-made cheese from Gran Canaria will be discussed

Spanish Cheese is taking center stage in a series of 18 taste workshops later this month in Bra, Italy at Cheese 2019, a Slow Food event now in its 12th edition. Italian and international cheeses will be discussed, savored, tasted and celebrated from September 20th to the 23rd. 

One of the activities is called “Spain: Traditional Cheeses from the Camino de Santiago.” It will highlight Alimentos del Camino de Santiago, a Slow Food community in Spain that aims to preserve the traditional foods found along the Camino. The following cheeses will be featured: Rey Silo Blanco, Tetilla, Cebreiro, and blue sheep’s cheese, and they will be paired with ancient corn wafers, sparkling wine, cider, organic honey, and creations from acclaimed chef Miguel Sierra. Tickets are already sold out.

Another activity is called “The Biodiversity of Spanish Cheese,” which is a conference that will specifically look at areas in the mountains of northern Spain where herders raise native breeds and use their milk to make traditional cheeses. The result is “raw milk cheeses from cows, goats, and sheep […which are] distinguished for their quality and flavor, each one characterized by an innate connection with its local area.”

A third activity will be called “Transhumance, lifestyles and centuries-old traditions of the island of Gran Canaria,” which will take a look at transhumance and the creation of a PDO in 2007 to protect certain cheeses that reflect artisan know-how, biodiversity, and animal welfare.


Cheese from Spain

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