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News | Mar 06 2019

Spanish Wine Exports Set New Record for 2018

Exports of both packaged and bulk wines from Spain, which generally head to the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal, reached a new high

Spanish Wine Exports Set New Record for 2018


Spanish wineries should be celebrating, after export data from 2018 rolled in. The stats, from the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, show that it was a record year for export revenues, for both packaged and bulk wine. A total of 1.986 billion liters headed out of Spain, worth an impressive 2.912 billion euros.

Specifically, packaged wine exports, which includes still and sparkling wines, bag in box, and pearl wines, expanded by 0.4% in terms of value due in part to an average price increase of 11%. Spain exported 2.313 billion euros worth, or 945.5 million liters. The main market for these wines is the UK, which is the primary customer in terms of both value and volume. It’s also worth noting that Canada and Mexico increased their imports of packaged wines from Spain.

Bulk wines also registered an increase in sales, which expanded by 8%, with an average price increase of 30%. In total, Spain exported 599.4 million euros worth of this wine. The price increase allowed wineries in collect 46 million euros more while exporting around 200 million liters less. The main markets for these wines are Italy, Germany, France and Portugal. All four countries increased spending on bulk wines from Spain in 2018, with France accounting for the largest share: 37.5% of the volume and 36% of the total value.

Spanish Wine Exports Set New Record for 2018. Fernando Madariaga / @ICEX

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