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News | Oct 02 2019

Spain Ranks Third in Wine Sales to Ireland

A report for 2018 revealed that Spain overtook France to become the third provider of wine to Ireland, trailing behind Chile and Australia

Spain Ranks Third in Wine Sales to Ireland

The Irish may be well-known for enjoying their Guinness, but there’s plenty of evidence that they also like their wine, especially Spanish wine.

According to the 2018 Irish Wine Market report, released by the Drinks Ireland division of Ibec, Spain is now the third-largest exporter of wine to Ireland, trailing Chile and Australia. Just one year earlier, Spain ranked fourth, behind France, but now it has pulled ahead. Spanish wines account for 13% of the market at present, compared with Chile, with over 25%; Australia, with 15.6%, France, with 11.9%, and Italy, with 9.4%. This is the most recent data available and there’s no reason to think that Spain can’t overtake Australia in the near future.

Spain’s improved ranking is, at least partially, due to efforts by Spanish organizations, regulatory councils and interprofessional organizations to promote their wine in Ireland, organize events and tastings, and educate consumers and trade professionals alike.

Spain Ranks Third in Wine Sales to Ireland. Photo by: @Kym Ellis

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