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News | Mar 08 2018

Reverse Trade Mission Brings Norwegian Wine Professionals to Rueda

A selection of prestigious wine industry professionals are learning more about DO Rueda wine thanks to an initiative organized by the Regulatory Council

DO Rueda’s Regulatory Council has rolled out the red carpet for trade professionals from Norway for a special reverse trade mission, with events being held from March 6th to the 9th.

The DO has welcomed a select group from the Nordic country. This includes Christer Byklum, an editor with Vin&Brennevin magazine and his own wine blog; Anne Fredrikstad, a journalist and wine blogger with Det Gode Vinliv Med Anne Fredikstad; Eirik Myhr, a wine writer, editor and consultant with Eirik Myhr Editorial Services; Roger Kolbu, a freelance wine writer and former wine consultant; Erik Selmer, a freelance wine journalist with experience working for Global Text and Aperitif; and Ragnhild Wright Ousland, one of Oslo’s leading sommeliers, visiting on behalf of Astral. 

Norway is an important destination for Spanish wine, which had a market share of between 10 and 11% in terms of volume and value in 2016. Though wine imports are complicated due to the existence of the Vinmonopolet, there are opportunities through HoReCa and duty-free shops in airports, and wine imports in Norway have increased over the last five years. 



DO Rueda vineyard landscape.

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