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News | Jul 31 2019

New Group Aims to Produce Certain Types of Wine in Giant Clay Pots

GOVALMAVIN, created in 2017, wants to meet consumer demand for fresh and fruity wines by producing them in large-format clay pots.


Spanish winemakers know about the importance of innovation, especially those behind GOVALMAVIN, which is dedicated to traditional materials to make quality wines. This group, created recently in 2017, aims to produce distinct wines using alternative production and ageing methods, such as large, traditional clay pots.

Recent studies on wine consumption reveal the popularity of fresh and fruity wines. In an effort to meet consumer demand for these types of wines, the group has eliminated the use of casks and is relying on a combination of giant clay pots and new technologies. The goal is to produce unique wines with distinct characteristics that make them stand out in the marketplace.

GOVALMAVIN is a multidisciplinary project with many collaborators, among them the PDO Valencia Regulatory Council, the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, Miguel Hernandez University, Bodegas Prado Rey, AINIA Centro Tecnológico, the winemaking processes group at Valladolid University, and Alfatec Ingeniería y Consultoría. It’s also working with Master of Wine Pedro Ballesteros, who will share the results of winemaking in clay pots using traditional grapes such as Tempranillo and Garnacha with the winemaking industry at large.

Ultimately, GOVALMAVIN’s goal is to gain a deep understanding of giant clay pots and their suitability for wine production; design and validate winemaking processes using these pots; and monitor the quality of the wines produced using this method.

GOVALMAVIN wants to meet consumer demand for fresh and fruity wines by producing them in large-format clay pots

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