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News | Aug 12 2019

PDO Pla i Llevant Celebrates Start of the Harvest and 20th Anniversary

Winemakers in the Balearic Islands expect to see the good performance in 2018 continue in 2019, as sales of wine last year increased by 5.33%

 PDO Pla i Llevant

A party was held on August 8th, organized by PDO Pla i Llevant, to celebrate the start of the grape harvest. The PDO anticipates an excellent harvest, which will enable it to continue to raise the profile of its wines, not just in Mallorca and throughout the Balearic Islands, but also in the rest of Spain and in international markets as well. The party was particularly special as the PDO was celebrating not only the start of the harvest,  but also its 20th anniversary.

DO Pla i Llevant's vineyards extend over 450 hectares and 18 towns in Mallorca. They have a very longstanding wine tradition in the area, which in some cases dates back to Roman times.

Producers in this DO, together with other quality winemakers in the Balearic Islands, expect to see the same upward trend in 2019 that was visible in 2018, when sales of wines from the island increased by 5.33%, totaling 36,247,159 euros. Exports also expanded, especially in their main European Union market, Germany. Sales there account for 88.7% of the total exported to the EU.

DO Pla i Llevant’s grapes are generally grown in optimal soil conditions as the vineyards are located in flat and chalky areas. The main grapes grown here are Prensal Blanc, Moscatel, Giró Blanc, Manto Negro, Callet, Gorgollasa, and Fogoneu.

PDO Pla i Llevant / Photo by @ICEX

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