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Salazones: Salt-Cured Delicacies of the Sea

Mojama, hueva, anchovies, bacalao: take a look at these ancient delicacies that are extremely enjoyable tapas

News | Sep 17 2021

Katie Button: pure passion about Spanish Food

Chef Katie Button is a true star: a prominent chef with an inmense love por Spanish Food and a fantastic communicator, as she desmonstrates in her recent showcooking at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic 2021.

News | Sep 17 2021

A taste of Spain in Philadelphia

Craving a taste of the Iberian Peninsula in Philadelphia? The Gastro Guide has you covered, so get ready to delve into the city’s Spanish gourmet scene; with tapas, pintxos, paella and, of course, Spanish wine. ¡Vamos!

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Burgos cheese

This is a fresh cheese which is traditionally made with ewe's milk, although today it is often made using cow's milk or a mixture of ewe and cow's milk. Either raw or pasteurized milk can be used (the second option is more common). It is curdled by means of enzymes and has a soft texture.

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