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Rafael Anson (San Sebastián, 1935) has reached the heights of fame in recent years due to his position as President of the Real Academia Española de Gastronomía an institution that publishes Guía Repsol, one of the most widely-read food guides in Spain. Anson, with a career background in the communications sector, previously worked as a consultant to Spanish and international public institutions, such as the Secretariat of the Council of Europe and UNESCO (while Spaniard Federico Mayor Zaragoza was Director-General). For a few years he was food critic for the ABC daily newspaper.He currently promotes the Real Academia Española de Gastronomía on cultural fora and collaborates with public and private institutions.

He also advertises the Academy by publishing books such as Moda y Gastronomía (Everest, 2008), El Agua y la Gastronomía del S.XXI (Everest, 2008), La Acuicultura en la gastronomía del S.XXI (Everest, 2008), Cocinas de y en Madrid (Everest, 2008), El Jamón Ibérico en la Gastronomía del S.XXI (Everest, 2007), among others. Rafael Anson is Director of the Cátedra Ferran Adrià de Cultura Gastronómica y Ciencias de la Alimentación which belongs to the Universidad Camilo José Cela in Madrid. He also collaborates with some media, such as the Ronda Iberia magazine and the Fuera de Serie publication. In 2015



  • The product and its interpreter (Ediciones B, 2010)
  • Gastronomía saludable (Everest, 2007)
  • Madrid, capital gastronómica de Europa. Mercamadrid, el gran mercado de la alimentación (Lunwerg, 2003)
  • Mis restaurantes favoritos en Madrid (Lunwerg, 1997)
  • 2015 Doctor Honoris Causa, Universidad Alfonso X in Madrid
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