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Wine with marked acidity and astringency.


The maximum expression of quality in a wine, in which the balance of components and characteristics is just right.


Wine which does not have any significant defects but which is not pleasant to drink.


Metric unit of square measure equal to 10,000 square metres or 2.47 acres. A normal-sized football pitch measures approximately one hectare.

Higher alcohols

Family of alcohols that exist in wine in tiny proportions and which influence its aroma.


Distillate of healthy wines used in the production of brandies.


In wine-tasting, this term is applied to wines which are disappointing in the mouth (attack, middle and finish) because they are lacking in expression, volume, and flavour.


Each one of the horizontal layers that can be distinguished in the vertical profile of the soil. Horizons are identified using letters, where profile (A) is the closest one to the surface, (B) is the following one, etc.


A light, pseudothermal sensation in the mouth, due to the dehydrating action of alcohol content in a wine. Synonym: cálido.


Varieties of direct wine-producing vines banned in Spain. Also used to describe the unpleasant taste of wines made with directly producing varieties.

Hydrogen sulphide

Chemical with a very disagreeable odour, reminiscent of rotten eggs, caused by changes in the sulphur dioxide in the wine.

Hydrogen sulphide

See Sulfhídrico.


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