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Wine Grapes varieties

Baboso Negro

Red. See Bastardo negro


White. Native of Spain (La Rioja) and cultivated in Andalusia, Canary Islands, Valencia and La Rioja. It is a grape that needs a lot of sun, whose clusters are large and compact. Berries are large with a yellow color. The wines made from this grape are pale with fruity aromas without much alcohol. It is often used mixed with other varieties. Also known by Baboso Blanco, Bastardo Blanco, Calagraño, Jaén, Jaén Blanco y Valadí.

Bastardo Blanco

White. See Baladí

Bastardo Negro

Red. Clusters are small, compact with small berries, high sugar content and medium acidity. Also known as Bastardo (Canary Islands, Portuguese) Batardinho (Portuguese), Gros Cabernet (French), María Ordoña, Merenzao (Galicia), and Trousseau (French).


The grape Beba, or Eva, is a white grape variety, used for the production of wine and grapes. It is also knowned as Beba de los Santos or Beba dorada. The grapes are large, round, with a yellowish green color. it produces fresh and fruity wines. It is authorized in Extremadura, used by the DO Ribera del Guadiana.


White. See Marmajuelo


A red grape which can give wines very rich colouring. Although its quality is debated, it yields good rosé wines. Found mainly in Valencia, Cuenca and Albacete.


Red. Also known as embolicaire in Valencia. It is a grape variety for the production of wine allowed in Murcia and Valencia.


White. Widely found in the wine-growing areas of Extremadura. It is quite prolific, but does not offer high quality.


Red. Native to Galicia. It is one of the Rías Baixas DO's authorised varieties, although it is very rare and in danger of extinction. It can produce good quality wine.


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