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Wine Grapes varieties


Red. Native of the Balearic Island, very rare, used as an experimental variety in the DO Binissalem-Mallorca.


See Garnacha Blanca , Garnacha Tinta and Garnacha Tintorera.

Garnacha Blanca

White Garnacha. Produces full-bodied wines with a high alcohol content. Very abundant throughout Spain, especially in Tarragona, Zaragoza and Teruel. It is classified as a main variety in Alella, Costers del Segre, Tarragona and Terra Alta DOs.

Garnacha Peluda

Red. This variety is indigenous to Catalonia. It is from the same family as the Garnacha grape, but with less color and less alcoholic content. Provides lots of color in blends.

Garnacha Tinta

Red Garnacha. A high-yielding grape that produces vigorous wines. This is the most widely grown red grape in Spain, especially in La Rioja, Madrid, Navarre, Tarragona, Teruel, Toledo and Zaragoza. It is considered a main variety in the following DOs: Ampurdán-Costa Brava, Calatayud, Campo de Borja, Cariñena, Costers del Segre, La Mancha, Méntrida, Penedés, Priorato, Somontano, Tarragona, Terra Alta, Utiel-Requena, Valdeorras and Vinos de Madrid.

Garnacha Tintorera

Red. This grape, also known as Alicante, is so-called because it is the only variety, along with Alicante Bouché, which has coloured flesh (tintorera comes from the verb teñir = to dye). It is widely planted in Albacete, Alicante, Orense and Pontevedra, and it is considered a main variety in Almansa DO.

Garrido Fino

White. Its low sugar content and acidity make it suitable to correct sweeter varieties. It is found only in the DO Condado de Huelva from where it I native. Also known as Garrío Finoor Palomino Garrío.


White. Originally from central Europe, it is a very aromatic grape that gets large amounts of sugars. It is used mainly in the french region of Alsace. In Spain it is used in more temperate areas such as the D.O. Somontano.


White. A high quality, very aromatic grape. Native to Galicia, new planting has been encouraged in the last few years, especially in Valdeorras DO. It is considered a main variety in Valdeorras and Bierzo DOs.


Red grape with a low yield, which produces highly prized wines. Young Graciano wines are very tannic, rough and tart, but develop superbly during ageing, both in cask and bottle. For this reason, these grapes are present in Gran Reservas from La Rioja and Navarre. The Graciano grape is not very abundant due to its low yields and can often be found mixed with other grapes in the same vineyard.

Gran Negro

Red. Originally from Galicia. Cultivated in the DO. Monterrei and the D.O. Valdeorras, Also known as the Grand Noir de la Calmette in France .


White. Exclusive variety from Tenerife


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