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Wine Grapes varieties


Red. This is a traditional Penedés variety, but is currently not produced in large quantities.


White. Of French origin, this variety performs very well in wines subjected to an ageing process, and in cavas. In Spain it is mainly grown in Castile and León and in Catalonia.


White. Originally from the Bordeaux region in south-western France. It is a variety with many uses: they can develop dry or sweet wines, sherry or brandy. Gives the best results when vinified in partnership with other varieties, especially Sauvignon Blanc. In Spain it is used by Vino de Pago Guijoso.


See Tempranillo.


Red. Another of the many native Galician varieties, also very rare. It is covered by the Rías Baixas and Ribeiro DO regulations.

Subirat Parent

White. Considered a main variety in Penedés DO. It is also grown in Rioja, where it is known as Malvasía Riojana.


Red. Grown in Artés (Barcelona) and in Conca de Barberá DO, although it is not covered in the regulations governing this denomination.


Red. A variety thought to have come from Persia, grown extensively in central and southern France. Hermitage wines are usually 100% Syrah. Very little is grown in Spain (principally Catalonia and La Mancha).


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