Aug 10 2023

Spanish Wine in the Spotlight as Part of a Unique Wine Project in Poland

The project, the first of its kind, is being organized by Ewa Starzycka, who is a  Spanish Wine Educator Certificate by FWS Academy

Spanish wines were on everyone’s lips in Poland recently, thanks to the Torres Wine Club, a new project organized by Ewa Starzycka, who is a Spanish Wine Educator Certificate by FWS Academy.

This unique initiative, comprising a series of activities, is the first of its kind as it focuses entirely on premium wines from the world-renowned Bodegas Torres

Thirty people will participate, all of them wine professionals from Poland, and tastings will be organized every 2 or 3 weeks between February and the end of June 2023.

All of the activities will be led by leaders and experts in the wine world and will address a variety of interesting topics. This includes wine certification, which will be covered by Wojtek Starzycki, a professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences; how to develop a wine list for a restaurant, by Ewa Relidzyńska, with the Association of Polish Sommeliers; sustainable development in winemaking, by Mireia Torres from Bodegas Torres; and how to boost sales through appealing wine tasting reports, by Tomasz Prange-Barczyński, managing editor of the magazine Ferment, among other topics.

Participants will learn a lot about the Bodegas Torres brand and they’ll also gain new skills and useful experience that will serve them well in the wine sector. This project is completely free and limited to industry professionals.