Dec 14 2023

Joan Roca

gastronomy, hailing from a family deeply rooted in the culinary arts. Born in Girona (Catalonia), Spain, Joan is the eldest brother in the Roca triumvirate, working alongside his middle brother, Josep, who handles the restaurant's exceptional wine list, and his younger brother, Jordi, the creative force behind the desserts at the iconic Celler Can Roca. The Roca brothers, led by Joan, have elevated Spanish cuisine to new heights, earning them a well-deserved place among the world's culinary luminaries.

He was born in Girona (Catalonia), Spain, en 1964. He is the eldest brother of the esteemed Roca trio, embarked on his culinary journey from a young age, immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of his family's restaurant in Girona, Can Roca, that was founded by his parents in 1967. The restaurant quickly gained acclaim for its commitment to traditional Catalan cuisine with a contemporary flair.

Before founding Celler Can Roca, he received formal culinary training at the Escola d'Hostaleria i Turisme de Girona, a renowned hospitality school in Catalonia. Alongside his younger brother Jordi, he developed essential skills in cooking techniques and kitchen management. Complementing his education, Joan gained practical experience in various kitchens in Spain, including Ferran Adria’s where together developed the famous “deconstruction”, and France next to George Blue. This comprehensive training laid the groundwork for his innovative approach to gastronomy. In 1986, with a blend of formal education and practical know-how, Joan founded Celler Can Roca in Girona, marking the beginning of a culinary legacy that would redefine Spanish gastronomy. Under his skilled leadership, Celler Can Roca earned its first Michelin star in 1995, followed by a second in 2002. Joan's unwavering dedication to culinary excellence reached its pinnacle in 2009 when the restaurant was awarded the prestigious three Michelin stars, solidifying its status among the world's culinary elite. Through his vision and expertise, Joan Roca has not only preserved but also elevated the rich culinary heritage of Catalonia on the global stage.


"In the ever-changing landscape of gastronomy, Joan Roca stands as a beacon of creativity and a guardian of culinary authenticity." - Food & Wine Magazine

The international culinary community has recognized Joan Roca's talents with numerous awards and accolades. In 2013 and 2015, Celler Can Roca was crowned the World's Best Restaurant by the prestigious Restaurant magazine In 2019 they were awarded ad eternum, Best of the Bests Restaurant. The Roca brothers' commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and delivering an unforgettable dining experience has solidified their position as culinary icons on the global stage.

Joan Roca's impact on Spanish cuisine and the global culinary scene cannot be overstated. His commitment to innovation, sustainability, and culinary excellence has earned him a revered place in the annals of gastronomy. As the culinary world continues to evolve, Joan Roca remains a guiding force, inspiring chefs and food enthusiasts to explore new horizons while preserving the essence of tradition.

"Joan Roca's commitment to sustainability is a reminder that great food begins with respecting the land and its bounty." - The Guardian

His pioneering impact on the culinary landscape is particularly evident in his groundbreaking contributions to low-temperature vacuum-controlled cooking, a transformative innovation that has reshaped contemporary gastronomy. With over two decades of experience as a culinary educator, he has shared his extensive knowledge as a cooking teacher. Recognized for his significant influence, Joan was bestowed with an Honoris Causa Doctor title by the University of Girona. His commitment to culinary education extends to collaboration with esteemed institutions, including his involvement in the Science & Cooking course at Harvard University. In 2015, the World Economic Forum recognized his cultural leadership by inviting him to join its council, and alongside his brothers, Joan serves as an ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Development Programs, exemplifying his dedication to the broader impact of gastronomy on global sustainability.